#UnityInColor Playlist Inspired by Women We Love

#UnityInColor Playlist Inspired by Women We Love

By Zoila Darton

Photos by Bukunmi Grace

Mayimba has always been an advocate for artists + composers rights - both established and emerging. This activism does not end with the arts. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that all humans are created equal, should be treated as such and we as sisters and brothers should continue to fight for the rights of our community. Today more than ever we must stand up for each other, so we ask that you join us in solidarity with the women of our country as their basic rights are under siege.

Mayimba family and brilliant DJ, Jasmine Solano has created a beautiful, inspiring + peaceful way for the world to unite in the fight for basic women's right. The Unity In Color project is a special artistic photography series which represents an array of people from different backgrounds, origin and race coming together in solidarity of Women's Rights. In the first edition, Los Angeles - 50 women pose together wearing Yellow, Gold & Tan as a nod to the colors of the early American feminist movements, while expressing their own modern hope & desires for the movement today. Photographed by two women photographers at the Japanese American Culture Center in Little Tokyo - this visual is meant to inspire solidarity for the protection of Women's Rights as we prepare for the Million Women March, its sister marches taking place nationwide and the upcoming inauguration.

We are hoping that other groups (men + women alike) will be inspired to conduct their own similar photo shoot in their town. On our website UnityInColor.org/ you can learn more about how to produce your own shoot, what our purpose and intention is, as well as be featured as part of the movement.

So speak up, organize in your community and find solace in things that drive you like this playlist we curated to get you going. Remember to stand with your community always but also with the voiceless, they need us.