Website: Vakero Instagram

Record Label: Independent

Genre: Urbano/Reggae

Date Active: 2005

Manuel Varet p/k/a “Vakeró” was born into a family of humble means, where his father – a tailor by trade, and staunch music lover, filled his home with the sounds of salsa, merengue and son. Father Varet’s love for music was inherited by young Varet, whose most important early influences were Puerto Rican great Hector Lavoe and Reggae giant, Bob Marley.

Known by his fans as “The singer of the rappers,” this native of San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic, has been in the music business for nearly 10 years. Given his rather brief trajectory (which commenced in late 2005 with the release of his debut record, “Adelante y Pico”), Vakero has greatly influenced the direction of urban music in his country. One of the most prolific local performers, this artist is constantly in the recording studio; every week he creates something new, and his art runs the gamut of urban musical styles – from songs about love and deception, to songs with a social tint, all of which may at times be very controversial. Vakeró’s recordings always feature a fresh combination of melodic vocals, where one can feel the soul of Bob Marley, with rap in his unique style, always with his personal “swag.” Rather than perform to playback, Vakeró takes to the stage with his live band, Los Habacuc. Free of a restrictive programmed “track.” Vakeró shows tend to be spontaneous and organic.

Towards the end of 2006, Big Trueno, one of Vakeró’s two career-long producers, produced the most controversial work in the history of Dominican rap – “Se partió el lapiz.” The video is brilliant! Mostly in black and white, this vid is a picturesque portrait of Caribbean street culture with Vakeró as protagonist. “Se partió el lapis” propelled the artist to international fame never before seen in urban Dominican music. As a thermometer for its success, the song was selected for important synch placements, including an episode of CSI Miami and as part of the soundtrack to the film “Catch 44.”

Vakeró’s extensive catalog of nearly 100 published works, most of which were composed by the artist, is peppered with hit songs. He has collaborated with a variety of other performers, including Arcángel, Don Omar, Mozart la Para, Jowell & Randy, Ñejo, Zion & Lennox, Eddy Herrera, Fernando Villalona, Los Ilegales, Johnny Ventura, y Anthony (“El Mayimbe”) Santos.

On October 7, Vakeró is released his latest single, OH MAMI, a reggae inspired loved song – the video will be released on October 13.



On October 7th, Vakero or “The Singer of Rappers” as he is called in his native Dominican Republic, released his latest single of 2016, Oh Mami. Oh Mami is a reggae inspired love song that lands you right on island time. Vakero’s soothing vocals on the chorus juxtaposed with his swagged out verses are a reminder to slow down and enjoy life. You don’t need to speak Spanish to vibe with Oh Mami.